Domain registration

Domain registration is a process which makes your online business website address simple to remember and navigate to.

Registering your website domain name will make it easy for you to use it at other different web pages. After registering your site with a particular domain name, your site will be identified with that particular name and this is the most important thing about a domain name. A domain name gives your site a valid personality and recognized identity.

Domain name – a brief explanation

Domain name registration is an act of registering your website with a particular name which will be allotted to you for a specific period of time. Domain names can never be purchased full time and need to be renewed after the time period is expired.

Although it is a good idea to register your website with a domain it is not necessary. Many of the companies allow users to use the subdomains of their primary domain.

A domain name can have any combination of letters or numbers in any sequence.

Why is domain name required?

On the internet, where there are a number of websites are present, your domain name will be your unique identity. Having a unique identity of your website will not only make your business look professional but also increase the visitors to your website.

Computers use IP addresses to find and locate a particular website and fetch its data but for humans, it is difficult to remember IP addresses everytime they want to navigate to a website thus domain name is used.

One more reason to register your business with a domain name is to build credibility, protect copyright and trademark issues and increase awareness about your brand.

Types of domain names –

  1. TLD – Top Level Domains

These are the highest level in domain name system structure on the internet.

ccTLD – country code Top Level Domain

This domain name is established based on the geographical location and generally, there are two letters domains specifying the region. For example, .ng signifies Nigeria.

gTLD – generic Top Level Domain

Generic domain names can be used by anyone anywhere in the world and are preferred by many of the business owners. .com, .net, .org and .info are the most common generic domain names used and preferred.

IDN ccTLD – internationalized country code top-level domains

This is a top level domain name which is present in specially encoded format and provides the domain name registrant to use special characters in the URL of their website.

Apart from all above types of TLD, there are other levels of TLD present too –

  1. The second level – present directly below the third level. For example,
  2. The third level – present directly below the second level.
  3. Subdomain – as mentioned above some of the companies provide the use of their subdomain services but it is advised not to use subdomain service for commercial and business purposes.

Advice on domain registration of your website –

Choosing a domain name is important as it’ll be the identity of your commercial website for quite a long time period and this name will be recognized by many of your website users.

  1. Go for generic word domains

Generic domains are most preferred domain types and have become a bit difficult to find. You can try searching for and finding good generic domain names. But if you’re not able to find a domain name of your choice it is advisable to opt for country code domain name.

  1. Make up your domain name

While it is good to keep a name which generic and is generally used in business industry, a made-up name will make you stand out of the crowd and might even bring more customers on to your website based on your different website name. Best example would be Google which was not a certified dictionary word before the brand came into existence.

  1. Short and simple

Keep your domain name short, simple and crisp as to avoid any confusion among your frequent visitors.

A simple domain name is easy to remember and enter into the search bar.

  1. Regional domain name

Opt for a regional domain name in case if you’re not able to find a good generic domain name for your business website.

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