Reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting is to resell your servers, bandwidth and other web hosting services and features to a third party under your brand name. Reselling your web hosting service to a third party is similar to starting your own web hosting firm as you would be the one allotting bandwidth and disc space and setting up a fixed price.

This provision allows you to host websites on the servers as if they were your own by providing website design and management services. In general, you are the reseller who is buying a web hosting service from one company and is repackaging it and selling to another company under your own brand name.

Reseller web hosting is for enterprises or companies who’re thinking of starting their own web hosting service without actually dealing with the hassle of maintaining actual servers.

Benefits of choosing a reseller web host

Many of companies which are thinking of Reselling their web h hosting services would generally buy these services in bulk at a discounted price and this would, in turn, benefit the business which is thinking of buying a reseller web hosting from these companies.

Difference between reseller web hosting and shared web hosting

Shared web hosting plans are for business owners who are looking to hire a single server for all of their various domains. It is not advisable to resell your shared web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting services are specially made to be re-sold to another business owner. Any business company which wants to sell hosting should opt for reseller web hosting services.

On various reseller hosting packages are available and the website will also help you in setting up your reselling of host business in few minutes.

Which web hosting to choose from?

Shared hosting services are suitable for small or medium-sized enterprises. Choosing shared web hosting will provide you with stable internet connection for a cheap and manageable pricing amount.

Reseller web hosting is more suitable for commercial use. If you’re planning to start your new business of web hosting then reselling of web servers would open up a huge opportunity in the business market.

To understand these packages you would also have to understand a few more web hosting terms –

  1. cPanel

It is one the most popular web-based control panel. With this popular graphical user interface control panel you’ll have full control over your website and management of your website would be done without the help of highly qualified web developers.

cPanel is capable of managing aspects like file management, FTP (file transfer protocols), data backups, email management, password protection of web folders, error page management, users management, chat room management and MySQL database. In short, cPanel is a full-fledged control panel used to keep all the management features of your website in your own hands.

  1. Domain parking

Parking a domain refers to registering a domain on your brand’s name but not pointing it to any site.

Registering a domain name is the first step to start a website but this name cannot have a destination if a website is not available.

Even without a website, a domain name can be parked in the name of your business or company. This domain name will be directed to a dummy web page which depends on the registrar.

  1. Softaculous installer

Softaculous is an auto installer which allows you to install apps on your cPanel to better manage your website. By using this installer you can add WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other content man systems (CMS) to your server within few seconds of the time. Softaculous can be installed along with WMH or cPanel on Linux virtual private server.

  1. WMH (web host manager)

WMH is also a control panel just like cPanel and allows you to administrate a server. It allows you create and manage cPanels where global settings could be set which are applied to all the accounts.

For any reseller looking for a hosting solution to handle functions such as billing, WMH is the service to opt for. It is supported by most of the Linux hosting plans.

All of reselling web hosting plans have these options. Opt for the package which is most suitable for your business needs.

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