SSL certificates – what are they and which are the most reliable ones

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol which provides encryption. SSL certificates engage users in secure and encrypted communication. This certificate is mainly installed on pages which require end-users to submit sensitive data and information over the internet. For example, any page that is asking for a user’s credit or debit card details, online form filling pages or login pages.

What is SSL certificate?

SSL certificates is a security protocol which establishes an encrypted and secure path between a user’s web browser and web server. And to activate this secured communication link you would need to add an SSL certificate to your website.

There are various types of SSL certificates available to be installed. These certificates activate a padlock and https protocol thereby allowing users to submit their sensitive information without any leakage of this information to a third party.

As this certificate offers immunity to users confidential data from getting into the hands of hackers, most of your users would feel confident and secure in using your website services.

Factors to consider before buying an SSL certificate –

  1. Validation type of the encryption certificate
  2. Compatibility with different browsers
  3. Level of security provided by the certificate
  4. Warranty and refund policy of the bought certificate
  5. Support by the experts of SSL
  6. The time required in issuing the certificate

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

A website is trusted by visitors, either occasional or frequent if it provides security for the data submitted by them. Developing a sense of trust in the visitors will help a website keep its regular visitors and attract more.

Any data either confidential or non-confidential is important to the user and should not be allowed to be transferred to another user or a third eye. To protect a data, either plain text or non-encrypted format, SSL certificates establishes a secure connection with the web server via an HTTPS connection.

S in HTTPS stands for Secure and a user can distinguish between a secured and unsecured connection by a padlock icon next to the URL.

SSL certificate also helps with SEO implementation and indexes the website under Google.

Types of SSL certificates

  1. Domain validation or DV

These certificates are checked against a registered domain. It is advisable not to use these certificates for big commercial purposes as there is no identifying organizational information of these certificates.

  1. Organization validation

These are trusted certificates which are strictly validated by real agents against a business registry database hosted by government agencies. This is the standard type of certificate that can be used on a commercial website.

  1. Extended validation

This certificate is used by most of the world’s organizations as they provide high range security. EV certificate is issued when the criteria defined under Guidelines for Extended Validation are fulfilled by your website and company. This certificate also triggers a visible green bar on browsers to indicate a secured connection.

Types of reliable of SSL certificates available with Ozitechhost

  1. Comodo

Comodo is one of the most reliable and trusted SSL certificate providers.

Comodo has a wide variety of SSL certificates for every purpose ranging from home offices to big enterprises. They also provide unlimited server licenses, expert and regular call support and 250,000 dollars worth of warranty.

The company is also trusted by most of the online browsers and prove offers up to 256-bit encryption.

  1. Geotrust

From expert support to 256-bit encryption and warranty, Geotrust is a go-to provider for businesses which are looking to secure their sites at a humble price. Geotrust certification can be bought by new startups and entrepreneurs.

  1. GoDaddy

One of the biggest domain registering sites also provides SSL certificates which vary in price from a standard package to a deluxe one.

Customizations are available to these packages on your needs. This big domain registering firm also takes the cake by providing a constant 24/7 support to its customers.

  1. RapidSSL certificate

These certificates are ideal for low or medium level business or e-commerce websites to carry out their login or payment details section.

RapidSSL certificates are available to businesses owners at low cost and provide fully functional trusted SSL certificate. It is the best choice for beginners and is far more easy to install and get started.

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