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VPS hosting is new to web hosting technique which has gained popularity in recent times. Hosting your website on a server is called web hosting. There are different styles of web hosting available and which one is good for you will depend upon the function of your website and VPS Hosting is just one of the several types of hosting you can choose from.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for the virtual private server. As the name suggests it is a virtualized server which appears to be a dedicated server but is actually installed on a computer which is serving multiple websites. VPS is also called as VDS (virtual dedicated server).

A VPS can be divided into several portions of one of the dedicated servers and can have its own operating system, bandwidth, and disc space. In other words, a single computer system can have several VPSs, each one them having their own set of different characteristics.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  1. VPS are less costly compared to a full-fledged dedicated server.
  2. VPS Hosting can be customized to your need and you’ll have to pay only for what you’re using.
  3. You’ll have a lot more control over your hosting server.
  4. With your growing business and website, you start to need more server VPS will grow all along.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

  1. Server’s performance is decreased by the VPS providers in order to support a maximum number of VPSs.
  2. Security of VPS Hosting is less compared to other web hosting types.


VPS Hosting vs Shared hosting vs Dedicated hosting

VPS hosting

On virtual private servers you’re allotted resources which are shared to anyone else except you, thus the overall CPU time and the memory is shared across all the accounts on the system but one portion of all the available resources are always dedicated to each account.

Shared hosting

On shared hosting, you share a portion of the server along with various other users. You’ll be rented a small portion of the server for your website. This type of hosting is beneficial if you’re looking to save quite a bit of money and are only getting started with your website.

Dedicated hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting is when an entire server is allotted to one user. This type of web hosting is optimal for users or businesses who are receiving high traffic and load on their website. A dedicated server can also be used when a user wants their server to be set up in a specific way.


When to choose VPS Hosting?

As VPS Hosting provides more server resources and better control over the hosting environment, it is clearly one the best web hosting environment to choose from.

If you’re on a shared environment and start to receive more traffic on your website it is better to switch to VPS rather than to dedicated server as it will provide you with full control over the server without having rent an entire one.

A VPS server environment also allows you to customize your hosting needs without having to share it with other users. It’ll also give you better control over user access while allowing you to give your clients access to the servers.

As VPS is not shared by other users it’ll provide a significant amount security to your website. Choose the right virtual private server hosting for your website

  1. Start with what type of operating system you’ll need to run your VPS server on, Windows or Linux. Both the operating system have their perks but if your website is running on ASP or ASP.net then Windows is your go-to environment.
  1. When you opt for VPS Hosting the whole virtual server is handed over to you, so it is you who has to look after its performance and monitor the server regularly which is unmanaged VPS. A managed VPS is when the hosting provider takes care of the server. Opt for the VPS service most suitable to you.
  1. Price is one of the factors where most of the decisions come to a halt. Go to different VPS provider services and choose the one which is reliable and most relevant for your website.

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