Web hosting – a beginner’s guide

A website which ought to be launched on the internet would first need to be hosted on website hosting platform. Web hosting is the service which allows organizations, individuals or a startup to post a website or a web page online on the internet. A special kind of computers called servers store these hosted websites.

Website hosting

Websites require a host to be launched onto the internet and servers act as those hosts and stores the information which is required for hosting a website.

Anyone who wants to make a visit to your website would need to type in the domain name or the website address into their web browser then their computer will connect to the server your website is hosted on and the web pages will then be delivered to the user.

Why is web hosting required?

Although it is technically possible to connect to the internet via your own PC and serve web pages it is not recommended as it is not possible to serve many users at a given single time. For the same reason, web hosting comes have come up and are providing powerful web servers to maintain your web pages. These powerful servers can take up more load at the same time and your hosted web pages are connected to the internet via these powerful servers.

Apart from providing web servers to host your websites and web pages, hosting companies also provide you with an option to register a domain name. They also provide technical support in case of any glitches you might experience on their service.


Different kinds of web hosting

There are different kinds of web hosting servers and services present based on the type of website that needs to be hosted. Web services vary from a less robust package which can host few web pages to a far more high-load server to host multinational high-traffic websites.

Below are the key factors which need to be kept in the mind before buying a web hosting service –

  1. Amount of web space your website would require
  2. Number of the email addresses you would need based on the requirement of your website
  3. Bandwidth accounts for the amount of data your website or web page is able to transfer to users. Bigger the website with more data, bigger the bandwidth required to serve those web pages.
  4. Web servers also run on an operating system just like a computer. Windows and UNIX are the two major operating systems and based on the type of website you want to host and what the website does.

How to get your website online after hosting it?

The first step to getting your website online, after buying a domain name and hosting it, is to design your website and build it. It is not as difficult as it sounds and there are a lot of websites building services present online. A person who has never built a website before can also design and develop a good quality interactive website and web pages.

WordPress is one the free website creating systems. It allows you to create different web pages ranging from static pages to interactive form filling ones. Add image and other features such as buttons and shopping carts, are also provided by WordPress. It runs on your browser and does not require any additional download or software as a support. If using an app or a service is too easy for you and you want to create your own website then start with learning programming languages and code your way to your own website. There are a lot of tools and information available online to design a web page and then later develop it.

What is the domain name?

Domain name is the address of your website on the internet. It is same as your house address but is virtual. To set up a website a domain name is required. All your users will reach using your registered domain name and all your company’s email accounts would be related to this specific domain. Make sure to register the domain name to yourself rather than your company, if the website is yours.

Web hosting is a big concept but whatever is explained here would surely help you in starting with service.

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